Another Common Man Sex Scandal

Gone are the days where all we hear about an act of infidelity is just a a verbal report. Thanks to technology, camera phones and social media are going further in spilling the beans.

For this man, its another day of 'one day for the owner' as he was caught pants down (or should we say 'pants up' since he had managed to put on his trousers?) in a hotel room where he was having sex with his friend's wife.

Unfortunately for the woman there was no time to put on anything so she managed to cover herself with a towel. Trust those at the scene to go a-snapping. Thus these pictures ended up on the internet and on BB broadcasts.

The 'paparazzi' did not even spare the exhibit of the act - a set of condoms; one of them which was already opened.

Thanks to cameras, phones and social media, scandals are no longer relegated to only word of mouth, tabloids or celebrities. Even laymen who think they can do their thing in secret end up becoming exposed across the globe. This guy can at least count himself lucky that there was no 'Jazz' on the woman like the case of the Kenyan man who got stuck in his friend's wife which was all over the net back in May (see video below: Viewers discretion advised)

He should also count himself lucky that nobody recorded a video of him being embarrassed and paraded like the case of a randy UNIBEN lecturer caught on Camera by students trying to sleep with a student. (see video below.) 

Well...for anybody else who's boinking another person's wife, committing some scandalous sex move or contemplating it, these examples should be a warning!

You can read the full story of the man caught with his friend's wife here.

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