The Trending Art of Fakery

The video below was uploaded way back in May from a news report from Kenya's NTV. It focuses on butt enhancement which is seriously trending over there. Though I've heard a thing or two about the same phenomenon in Naija but there hasn't been any report that actually documents this weird trend.

This butt enhancement doesn't have anything to do with injections or surgery, rather it has to do with padded underwear and its really not a new thing because its been the in-thing for a few years now. While it sounds like a safer and wiser alternative to the dangerous enhancement that has to do with injections or surgery, it just got me wondering on the long run that there's a lot of artificiality out there much pretense...what we see may not be what we get.

There's a lot of fallacious perception that when men go after women, they like to deceive the women into falling for them and that women love being fed with lies but looking at this video and adding to it the other numerous 'fakeries' that women employ to make themselves look dashingly beautiful (artificial hair, nails, eyelashes, body magic suits, etc.), I'm wondering who actually is being deceived. It seems men are the ones being deceived the more.

Somehow all this physiognomy 'repackaging' is working otherwise it wouldn't be trending. In the video, the shop that sold the padded underwear recorded a boost in sales.

And so life goes on...we keep fooling each other; men with their sweet tongue and false impresarios and women with all the good looking fakery.


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Toinlicious said...

Smh. I can just imagine a guy lusting after his lady love's big behind only to eventually see it all come off with the clothes :D

Atary said...

Sad right! we live in a world of pretense. Women constantly pretending to be "Hot" and men with their sugar coated lies.
People should accept themselves the way they are. The first step to love is acceptance.