The Day Labi Stole the Show on Entertainment Splash

Imagine you’re a guest on a call-in show being interviewed about your latest effort in waxing an album, song or producing a video. You’re expectant that viewers and fans will call in and appreciate you after you’ve dished out tales of how you ventured into the music, the segregation of womenfolk in the industry and stories of your struggle that are structured to endear the audience to you.

Then the calls start coming in…and instead of them focusing on you, they begin to focus on the hostess of the show and almost totally forget that the it’s you, the guest, that they should be calling to speak with.
This was the case of a call-in entertainment show I saw on TVC (Television Continental) some days ago. The name of the show is Entertainment Splash and it’s hosted by this cute anchor simply called ‘Labi’.

Either Labi apparently has a good make-up artiste, style person or she’s just a cutie that knows how to look good in front of the camera, I’ll never know. But one unbeatable fact was that she look marvelous on screen; even her mannerisms seemed to have earned her fans and admirers from the viewers.

The guests on the show were artiste Essence (Remember her? She sang ‘Facebook Love’ with Jaywon) and an upcoming act called ‘Ink’. The two had done a collabo and were featuring on the show to talk about themselves, their song and the video production as well as share views on the industry.
Later viewers began to call in and Labi in all fairness tried to direct them to focus more on Essence and Ink, but the naughty viewers kept talking about how good Labi looked and handled the show on air. One feisty dude almost asked to meet her but Labi was smart enough to divert his attention and change the subject to the matter of the moment – the neglected guests on the show. Some viewers still managed to appreciate Essence and Ink for their work but not after pestering Labi with serious admiration.

Essence on her part looked cute too in her short flowery gown while Ink just maintained the urban leathery feel but Labi just stole the show with her richly done hair, nicely fitted and fluttery lashes, flashing dimples, side-toothed gaps and sweet demeanor. I sort of felt for Essence. She had actually been in the industry for a long time but didn't seem to be making enough waves to gather enough attention. She really does have a lovely voice; unfortunately she doesn't have the good songs. Maybe she has to find a way to hook up with the right people to make the desired impact and get good songwriters to do collabos with. Her voice is the one that sings the theme song for the popular TV drama called ‘Super Story’. 

As for Labi, the lady is just something. At the end of the show as she bids viewers goodbye, flutters her eyes sensually and blows a loving kiss at the screen – a sight that is sure to keep viewers glued to the next episode of Entertainment Splash; not because of the guest who’ll be featuring, but because of her.

I usually don't stick around to watch shows like these but I couldn't resist watching the drama between the hostess, her guests and the viewers. And if you also are not a stickler for shows like these, maybe Labi might one day get you glued to the screen with her charm.

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Myne Whitman said...

The presenter should tone it down I think, especially when she has guests.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha, i could just imagine the scenario in my head..i felt for essence, since she is as plain as me and sitting beside this glowing beauty....the callers no do well shaaa!..ahahahaha.

Oh! it is nice to be back on your the outlook, and sense of humour as usual. Truthfully speaking i didn't know you were still very active, when i didn't see your comments in blogs we do visit. Now that i know, i will be stalking you BIG TIME!
Thank you for your comment in my blog. Lucky me you say? :D

Afronuts said...

@Myne...well, maybe and maybe not. She didn't look over-dressed...I guess its just unfortunate that she looks good on screen. Maybe if the celebrity was a popular person that would work

@Simply Mee...The callers fall my hand seriously...As for my presence online, I guess you're right, I've not been hopping about blogsville but I never stop updating sha...good to hear from you again!