Wear No Red? Seriously??

Those jobless goons who go about spreading stupid broadcasts to create public panic are at it again. The latest balderdash being broadcast now is that nobody should wear any form of red in their clothing today because some individuals are up to some diabolic act of using anyone sporting red for rituals.

Say whaat??!!

While I must commend the creators of this propaganda for being so creative in coming up with such an idea, I'll also say that is the most ridiculous bullshit (excuse my language) I've ever heard!

Unfortunately, many Nigerians are gawking it and going ahead to avoid wearing red while those who know a propaganda when they see one are even vowing to sporting red today. Wait a minute...why am I even calling it a propaganda? It still doesn't achieve any useful objective except make ignorant people exhibit their ignorance.

All over twitter, people gawked it but then the sensible ones also bashed and ridiculed it.

It was rumored that the message came from Redeem Camp but the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor E.A. Adeboye denied the claim in a twitter message and urged all to ignore the stupid brodcast.

So, are you still afriad of red, or you know spam when you see it?

Oh...and I came to work today in red checked shirt, I have a red face towel and my eyes are red after dirt blew in them this morning!


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aeedeeaee said...


I'm glad I deleted them Serial Broadcasters from my BB. I go soon bone the phone finally.
The kind of malarkey that goes on there.


Wear No Red. pfffft

Myne Whitman said...

I sure know spam when I see it. I here Adeboye has said he's not involved.