Butt-Kicking LASTMA in Action (Photos)

I've watched many American reality live footage that showcase the drama between an erring motorist and the cop that pulled them over. It's usually tense and we have cases where the offender tries to drive off or even descend to a level of aggravated assault against the officer. 
Compared to what happens in Nigeria, particularly on the streets of Lagos, its a  totally insane and different drama. This is one of the things that make Naija scenarios interesting to watch. 

Photo Source

Photo Source

In this case its a LASTMA official ( a traffic compliance enforcer) trying to apprehend a bus driver. Commercial bus drivers in Lagos are known to be unruly with blatant disregard for traffic laws; they drive their buses as if they are above the law. They find it easy committing these offenses but when they get caught, its a whole serious drama. I did a post on an incident last year where an erring driver went nuts because his bus was about to be towed. The dude took off his clothes and began protesting butt-naked!

This is not to say that LASTMA officials don't have their own misgivings at times. There have been cases where corrupt officials abuse their powers. I'm not sure what ensued before the scuffle in these pictures. But from the look of it, the driver seems helpless while the LASTMA official doesn't seem comfortable with his picture being taken. Also there seems to be a third person in the scuffle...a conductor maybe? 

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