Signs of The Times [Photos]

We are in the times when illiteracy has become comedy...the times when somebody's inadequacy can turn him into a comedian. But despite that, some still innocently display it with the hope that this too shall pass.
Sometimes a trip around town or even the internet would showcase a variety of 'Gbagauns' or 'Tiauns' as Nigerians fondly nickname the art of butchering the English language or someone's mediocre display of what they think is creativity.

Like we always say in Naija...idea is need!
I guess you can figure out what they were trying to say here.

I didn't know that Pile was edible...oh wait, was that suppose to be 'Pie' ?
Yels...I tink so!

This is a popular one...from the stables of some false prophet

Its not good enough to hear what people call it
...also know how they spell it!

I don't blame the writer. Seriously...Diesel is not that easy to spell...or is it?

I keep wondering if this teller was accepted. Oh crap...I think it was
- isn't that a red pen writing and a stamp in the corner?

This was a totally heartless idea. Its like a curse on your students

I wonder what the inspiration behind this name was!

This is no doubt the handiwork of an educated illiterate

I thought a hair salon was where they made hair...

LOL...How would D'banj feel if he saw this?

Which grass?

Which kain name be dis?

I just couldn't resist adding this. Each time I see this headline,
I just burst into laughter. So this time its not the work of the devil abi?
See how person dey frame Holy Spirit!

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Tessa Doghor said...

It is obvious you are a good researcher
is there no body that controls
the opening of schools with stupid names
the students are going to be stupid.

It is really a sad and serious situation. The world is getting more literate and we are retrogressing. I personally think that more people should volunteer to teach at public schools. It would help.

'Lara said...

A beautiful way to end my day...laughed so hard especially at 'Fotitiro Pawzan', kai English is not easy.

simply mee said...

ahahahahahaa...i tire for my pipo o.

Afronuts said...

@Tessa...LMAO! That sounds true...stupid schools will breed stupid students...what if they also discover that their school shares the same name with the social network?

@Natural Nigerian...yes retrogressing big time. lets go by that excuse for the writer!

2simply mee...our people sabi kill pesin with lafta.

Sykik said...

OMG at the "disu"...kai.... its kind of funny sha but on a serious note i think education should be taken seriously. (primary amd secondary education at least)

Real8 said...

no be only holy thx for stopping by. do come more often. and ure now officially on my blogroll

Sykik said...

this is so funny, i have read it four times today. "disu for sale" ....kai...

LOOL....too funny...


Myne Whitman said...

I kept wondering what graniny and dedisu was, took almost a minute, chai!

Afronuts said... know I almost thot it was DSTV spelt wrongly...till I looked closer.

@RealB...Thanks. Looking forward to reading you again!

@Daughter of her King...Shey?

@Myne...LOL!...the gbagaun was so harsh it confused you!

Ginger said...

Disu! Graniny! Olodo! Intecrap! Bamitism! Fotitiri! Buahahaha!

Abeg leave them jare. You write as you pronounce na.