Denrele Claims He's a Bad Role Model


You might have heard him say it but not realize that he's saying so but that's what he definitely implies.

Denrele Edun, the prince of weirdness and showbiz personality appeared on a TV Ad for Music Africa's Azonto Fiesta show coming up in November. He did a cameo for the intro and ended it with this funny statement:

'If you're not there, all your children will look like me!'

That does sound funny but when you look carefully at that statement, you can see it implies that he doesn't consider himself a good role model for kids. I like his honesty.

But I do remember him being featured on a children's program as a special guest.
Hmm...maybe he hadn't considering himself a negative influence on kids by then.

As for me, I won't be going to any Azonto fiesta...and my children will never look like him!

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Sykik said...

I'm sure he was trying to be funny without giving a thought to the meaning of his words.

Priscy said...

Amen o! Afronuts. I agree with Sykik... anyway none of our children and children's children will be like

thanks for passing through my blog, following you now.

Anonymous said...

Nah huh, he is sincerely full of life to even imply that. I'm guessing he meant to say, look and dress like him. He calls himself a "Horror movie" too.
Let's get real, he makes fun of himself and that's worthy of a TV personae. The rest are as superficial as fuck!