13 Suspects of the Aluu Murders Paraded


Just saw this on the news a few minutes ago. The 13 suspects connected with the death of the four Uniport undergraduates are seen here being paraded by the police.

Channels TV carried the news this evening. The dude in red and white shirt was questioned in the report. The video should probably be up on Channels youtube station by tomorrow.

The suspects are: Ozioma Abajuo 23 years, Chigozie Evans Samuel 22 years, Endurance Edet, 27 years, Uwem Sampson Akpabio 30 years, David Chinasa Ugbaje 30 years, Cynthia Chinwo 24-year-old female, Lawal Segun 28years, Lucky Orji 43 years, Ekpe Daniel 30 years, George Nwadei 30 years, Gabriel Oche 33 years and the Aluu Community Chief, Alhaji Hassan Welewa.

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simply mee said...

Justice should prevail!
They should be killed also!
Heartless souls!
Killed 4 human beings like goats!
Thinking about it brings ache to my heart, the pain and torture and their parents inconsolable hearts....*sighs.
Their souls rest in peace.

jhazmyn said...

Look how simple and innocent these people look, Gosh, wickedness no dey show for face sha...

As much as jungle justice is not a new phenomenon, Aluu killing gave it a broad face, it has forced us to look at ourselves critically, what have we turned into???

2cute4u said...

|have refrained from commenting on this Aluu killing. Too much has been said already.. But this being the most recent post here, I have to ask:
How are you? Hope you good? Stay blessed.
Formerly (2cute4u)
Chacha- www.chachacorner.com

Sykik said...

Hi.....where are you? Hope you are good?

Miss your yarns oh...please write gist nau

Afronuts said...

@Simply mee...lol...abeg oh...killing them may be too sudden, they should suffer first.

@jhazmyn...true! It has forced us to begin to re-evaluate ourselves as a people.

@2cute...oh, you're the same as Chacha? Wow...i was trying to figure you out since...I'm good oh, my sister.

@Sykik...no vex oh. I dey kampe. I don come back. Na small break in transmission.