RE: Aluu Murders - A Glimpse of Things to Come? [Photo]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture of one of the Uniport students holding up a placard during the protest on the Aluu Murders says quite a lot and casts a shadow of likely retribution on the community.

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Anonymous said...

When i first heard this news, i wept. I wept so bitterly in me... so short of words...that i was imagining the pains and torture their parents will be going through....i just couldn't handle am so angry at the perpetrators! HOW CAN THEY KILL FOUR YOUNG MEN LIKE THAT! NO! THEY SHOULD BE MADE TO FACE THE MUSIC! They stole? then report them to the police to do their job! Or take them to the school authorities to penalise them! The people taht were fimling it could not call the police? HOW COULD THEY? sigh! 4 LIVES GONE LIKE THAT, AFTER TORTURING...enough of this jungle justice! a law should be passed out...their souls rest in peace.
The students should be pacified. *sighs*