The Okada Ban Song

Now, with the most recent happenstance being the ban on Okada, some creative artiste gathered some On Air personalities and comedians and came up with this hilarious and melodious song about the Lagos State ban on Okada. 
For those who don't know, 'Okada' is the nickname given to Commercial Motorcycles in Nigeria.

The song 'Okada Ban' was sung by EmmaOhMaGod, featuring Nedu, Matse, N6, Do2dtun, Yaw and Alibaba. You can download the song here

 Nigerians are smart. All around us we can find situations to turn into music. Sometimes the music may have a message, sometimes it may be a clarion call or a song of lamentation. A very good example was the number of quick singles and even videos that came out during the Fuel Subsidy protests in January.

What other time than now to churn out a lovely song on the Okada ban.

Nice one EmmaOhMaGod....(lol...which kain name be dat sef?)

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Sykik said...

Everything is a money making venture in Nigeria.....owo ni koko...

simply mee said...

trust 9jas! we always see humour in anything!....would love to hear the song.

Afronuts said...

@simply mee...the link for download is on the post.