Trending: Brainless Aluu-Minded People

They are everywhere.

They are ready to pounce and exact jungle justice for any petty crime of which they are capable of doing worse.

They are opportunists, fake sympathizers, perverts and thieves in disguise.

And they usually enjoy the overrated excuse that they are a product of the poverty-stricken situation of the country.

They are the Brainless Aluu-minded people.

I call them ‘brainless’ because they are an insult to humanity, choosing to not to use their brains but degrade themselves to animalistic tendencies. I’ve always disagreed with those scientists that made the assertion that humans are ‘higher animals’ because I felt it was a debasement of God’s intelligent creation but in this case I think I agree that some humans are just animals…their possession of a brain is a waste and an insult to mankind. There are better things to use a brain for than to attack or molest your fellow human being.

I call them ‘Aluu-Minded’ with the allusion to the Aluu people who heartlessly killed four UniPort students in the most brutal manner. The Aluu mentally determines that jungle justice be meted to anybody who is suspected or accused of a crime (notice that I said ‘suspected’ or ‘accused’ and not ‘convicted’) without any standing proof, even when the suspect’s profile does not in any way look like a criminal.

Not long after the Aluu killings, a video circulated the web on a girl who was said to have been caught at some shopping mall for stealing God-knows-what.  Though there was nothing to prove that this actually happened in Nigeria, you could see clearly that the Brainless Aluu-minded spirit doth rested upon these shameless infidels; they assaulted the girl by stripping her naked and shoving stuff into her private part.

The girl holding onto her ripped clothes before she was sexually assaulted

Then I read of the nasty incident that happened to Sugabelly on a night out with friends. Their driver had accidentally hit a taxi while reversing and ruined part of the cab. They had hurried over to access the situation but then a mob began to gather shouting at them and raising a ruckus as if they had just killed someone. Sugabelly and her friends had to hide in the car which the mob began to attack and push against. It took police intervention to quell the situation. They had to drive away from the scenario with the cops and taxi driver to settle the issue elsewhere. Thank goodness the police did not run this time.

Sugabelly managed to bravely capture some of the incident on camera

It was an event that was just unwarranted.

In the words of Sugabelly, "How the *bleep* did this happen? I came to buy shawarma. How did I get from shawarma to this?"

Once again, the Brainless Aluu-minded spirit had rested upon a bunch of jobless Neanderthals. Read the rest of the story on her blog.

Brainless Aluu-minded people have been around for a long time. It’s just that after the Aluu incident, a proper nomenclature could now be ascribed to them.

See how badly a name could be spoilt.

I’m so glad I’m not from that region. Imagine someone asking you which state, local government or hometown you’re from…and you say Rivers State, Aluu local government….boy, you’re finished be that!

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3 Screamer(s):

Indeed they have existed for a long time, it is only now we have a name and face for them!!!

God help us....

Sykik said...

God save us from evil. The nation is tense as it is from boko haram and their cohorts, now Aluu-minded people are surfacing.

God pls,pls, shield us and ours. Amen

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