I Can Do All Things [Photos]

Sorry for the brief hiatus...it was due to internet palava.

Nothing is impossible - most especially when we involve God. But many of us have been empowered to achieve that which others deem impossible. Ask the these ones in the photos below.

I can finish it!

I can DJ!

I can sell market at Alaba.

I can vulganize!

I can do Copper shun!

I can back the twins!

I can wash it all *sob!*

I can finish all the amala!

I can carry it with my teeth!

I can protest!

Eniola Badmus can finish a basin of Eba!

I can suck soup with straw.

I can supahero!

I can ping with a broken leg!

I can pose for foto in water.

We can push caterpillar!

Lol...Nothing is impossible. If you put your back into it, you can achieve a lot, but if you do it with God you can do wonders!

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Sykik said...

the one that got me in knots is the "I can suck soup with straw"...as in....it is not a easy something at all

Toinlicious said...

Oh lord! That woman backing twins though O_O

Real8 said...

Toin u saw the woman backing the twins? I saw the old lady trying to push the truck in the background. Lol

Where do I start..this collection is too much LOL

HoneyDame said...

The Lord is ALL these people's muscle!

Ginger said...

Toin, you see wetin I see. Na she be superhero!!

Anonymous said...

ahahahahhahaa....up 9ja! i trust my pipo....kai! It is my first time of seeing a woman back twins...what an invention!...and sucking soup with a straw???...ahahahahahahhaha

Ugandan girl said...

lol.. about the Jonathan must go ...lol


btw bros that comment validity box is a long ting... not attractive to post comments o jare

jhazmyn said...

I don't even know which one cracked me up the most...lol