Aki & Pawpaw Become Motivational Speakers

The thought of the famous diminutive pair Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) and Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) becoming motivational speakers seriously made me laugh. I have seen some bad thinking that involved them as role model for kids by using them to sell the OK sweet lollipop brand in the past but when I heard of them as motivational speakers, it just sounded like another comedy unfolding.

But hey, it doesn't sound like a bad idea when you look at it from another angle.

Okay let me get serious and let you in on the real story.

Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, was actually the one who got these guys to come and serve as a source of motivation for the flood victims.

Here's an excerpt from Channels news:

The governor said he invited the duo after he visited the Institute of Continuing Education, where some flood victims’ were camped on a certain day and discovered that the displaced person, who were watching a Nollywood movie, were so engrossed that they barely gave him attention when he walked in.

“As I walked in, half of the population were watching television; you know we provided a giant television for them,” he said.
“I tried to attract their attention. Some looked at me and greeted me, but they turned to continue watching the television. When I looked at the television, I saw it was Aki, Paw Paw and Ibu that they were watching.

“You see, because they were watching Aki, Paw Paw and Ibu, they forgot their pains. For them, these Nollywood actors were helping them to ease their pains. That was why I invited them to go to the different camps as motivational speakers because the victims require a lot of motivation, while they are preparing to go back home,” the governor added.

He said the victims needed psychological support, adding that he was optimistic that Aki and Paw Paw would provide it for them.

“That is why they are here as motivational speakers. I believe that the few minutes they will spend will ease the pains of our IDPs. Those who have ability to ease those in pains, please help, it is not about food alone for the victims – that will not ease their pains.”

Okay...so now you know the kind of motivational speaking the duo would be doing...before you go thinking that it has to do with organizing seminars for unfortunate folks who are looking for corporate breakthrough.

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jhazmyn said...


Nice post. I think anyone could become one of the best motivational speakers if they really wanted to. I think it was a great idea for them to go help ease the pain of flood victims. Thanks for sharing.

David Allen said...

Nice to see that Aki and Pawpaw becomes the best motivational speakers. Its not easy to motivate every person but you both have done definitely good job and I read additional info related you in your post. Like to read it.

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