Demonic Jungle Justice - The Aluu Killings


I would have written something on this sad story of 4 students being bludgeoned and burnt to death for either stealing laptops and phones or being cultists (whichever the crime was) but I was just too horrified after seeing the video of these young men who could have been anybody’s erring kids being sent to their deaths by a irate mob of Aluu indigenes in Rivers State.

One person who calls himself a human being literarily beat them to death as though they were animals! I wonder…does he have children? Who made him the master executioner?


And he had the stomach to set a fellow human being on fire!


Is life this meaningless in Nigeria?


We’re not even very sure of the crime they said they committed or what they stood for…so why were the people so eager to kill?

How are you who is casting the stone against these men any better and in the position to judge their fate?

I watched the video and was so disturbed for the next few minutes when I saw the mindless killing of these young men. Presently, the video has been yanked off youtube due to its horrific content. Thank goodness for that.

Though there is claim that an arrest has been made of the community traditional ruler, I’m also hearing that there may be a plot afoot to revenge on the indigenes of the community that killed these boys. I don’t know how true that is, but if it is, then we are on the verge of another communal crisis.


May God help us in this Nation!



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Sykik said...

I haven't been able to get it off my mind since I read the story online and caught a glimpse of the video. This is inhuman, it's devilish to say the least. Everyone who was a part of this "show of shame" , anyone who watched and didn't say a word to stop it, anyone who cheered, anyone who believed it was a just cause to have brutally killed these four young boys is not worthy to be called a human being.

What could their offense have been to deserve being killed like animals?

God , please heal our land, the blood shedding in this country is too much. Why is Nigeria drinking up the blood of its youth? Why? Why?

aeedeeaee said...

Needless killing...It's just so disheartening.

It's all still so surreal to me...

Then i wonder if i who do not know these people feel this bad and shaken how are thier family members and friends faring?