Gawat's Disappearance: Stupid Rumors Abounding

When the disappearance of popular TV show host, Alhaji Rasaq Gawat (who went missing since Tuesday 10th July) was announced, there were all sorts of speculations as to what may have really happened.  The most paramount of all these speculations was that he might have been kidnapped.

Alhaji Rasaq Gawat

Our CEO who happened to be a close friend of the family along with other friends helped to mobilize the public announcement for the search across different mediums. One of our staff also happened to be a niece to Alhaji Gawat and was very close to the family. This afforded me the opportunity to inside info on what’s going on with the family; I was able to experience the pain first hand.

Then I was flabbergasted when the rumour began spreading that Alhaji Gawat was actually killed by his wife.

Haba!! Where did such story spring from?

A colleague of mine overheard women in her hair salon discussing the matter. The story flying about the place is that Alhaji Gawat was seeing another woman and was intending to marry her. In order to placate his current wife, he gave her some huge amount of money as a gift. The woman in return used the money to hire assassins to take out her husband!

The rumour further goes to say that the suspicion of the wife was further heightened that she doesn’t seem sober or sorrowful about the disappearance of her husband.

I was totally pissed when I heard this.

Who are the knuckleheads coming up with such conclusions? So what should the woman be doing – crying all over the place?

I heard that this was also discussed on some radio program too.

In a discussion with Gawat’s niece, she informed me that the wife had become a ghost of herself. She has been in a tight corner of what to feel…she’s still hopeful that her husband would be found, even when it seems bleak. So, because a woman is just trying to stay strong, she’s a suspect?

Come on!

Na where dem get the proof say na the woman do am?

The rumour had escalated to such an alarming degree that I got a brief from the CEO to commission another radio production for a public service announcement to bring to the awareness of people that the rumours are untrue.

Unless the police comes out with a statement out of their investigation, or some proof has cropped up, nobody should be mouthing off on a helpless woman who’s calling for help in the search of her missing husband.

Enough of the rumours!

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Ugandan girl said...

People will come up with anything - if only to entertain those that care to listen - one person would even go one to say 'Hell knows no fury....'

Though in all fairness i hope that the lady's husband is found alive and well.

'Lara said...

But then again it has been over 2 months now and nothing has been heard asides from the rumors.

Nigerians are bound to come up with conspiracy theories, and the woman is always the first accuse...this is just sad.

Naija is just something else! Seems any time a spouse dies, the husband/wife must prove their innocence. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The way our people think sha...o ga o!

Real8 said...

still with every rumour there is an atom of truth. he is not the first to go missing but yet the rumours are flying. only God knows what has happened. i pay for his safe return.