Naked In Church?

It’s Sunday and it’s the last day of the month of September which means an important service is taking place in church today – Thanksgiving.
As usual, you see people dressed in their flamboyant and traditional best, the whole place is colorful. But then, whether its thanksgiving or not, there are people who don’t seem to think before they dress to church.
 I mean, why would you dress to church as if you’re going to a club?
Wifey and I had gotten into church and located a vantage place to sit so we can hear and view the preacher well.  We had settled down only for me to notice that there was a major distraction three seats ahead of me – a lady in a short and silky gown that bared so much skin and looked more like an undergarment than what you’d wear to a church outing.
If you wore this outfit to a club, it would have fit the scenario since anything scandalous goes but for goodness sake…in a church?
This was just as good as coming to church half naked. Abi which kain excuse she go give for dressing like that? I’ve seen a lot of wrongly dressed people in church before but this one was just too much.
I just hope the guys were able to concentrate!  

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Madame Sting said...

Seems like u were not able to concentrate :)

Jesus said come as you are, abi?

Anonymous said...

Ha! oga Afronuts! i no fit shout!
I don learn to leave mata for our creator, becox by the time i start ehn?....hmmmm...e just tire me!

One thing i know is that the bible admonishes us to avoid things that will cause our fellow brethren to sin or else we would be held accountable. She is enough DISTRACTION!

Real8 said...

Oh wasn't she just a distraction? Of cos. you have your camera out when everyone's singing praises. Thou shall not judge, u just never know how she came to be in church this Sunday morning. She found her way to church and am sure she went home with more than you, you never know.
Am not trying to be rude to you, am just trying to make you see that as Christians we have to be cautious enough not to think we are better than the next person cos of what we see they are doing. The lord cares more about what you do alone by yourself and in your heart.
Neither am I saying she is right to wear what she wore.
Do you see my point?
Next time close your eyes, worship the lord and say hi to her, that small gesture may just change her life. You never know.
There is more to the surface than meets the eye-Dig deep.

Ugandan girl said...

hehe ...'come as you are' was her reasoning in this dress code i think ....

This one pass me
I guess she came to look for husband

'Lara said...

This one is serious distraction, I don't even know where to start from actually.

Bukky Apampa said...

Heehehehehe, that is the question, were you able to concentrate on the sermon? I guess not all who come to church are saved uh... even me self a woman sometimes find it hard to concentrate with some of the eye assault in church these days.

Strong Self said...

If you with a wife could get briefly distracted by this, then there is really no way the guys could have concentrated. This is just one of the reasons why I always take the front row seat. There, there are minimal or no distraction at all. All that gets my attention are just the preachers and the choir.

May God save us all. These days, person fit enter hell through church.

Toinlicious said...

Oloun ku suuru

Sykik said...

I haff shout this same observation...i don tire...what is liberal about dressing that leaves little to the imagination.
okay...let us assume that the scantily dressed sistah is a "spirikoko" , please help the upcoming/struggling christian brodas who are still fighting the flesh abi...hmn.

Myne Whitman said...

LOL..she has a great shape sha, LOL...

Afronuts said...

@Madame Sting…LOL…Actually I was able to. Make we not misinterprete ‘come as you are’…does it mean u can come to church butt naked? Lol…we suppose common sense nah…

@Simply Mee…well said ma!

@Real8…lol…First this was not taken during worship or praise session. And I was not judging – should I see something wrong and not point it out? Also I never claimed to be better than her either. I was even careful not to show any faces for confidential sake. This pic was taken at the end of the service not during worship…I take worship serious. You are right about God caring more about what’s in your heart. It still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say something is wrong when it’s wrong. Did I implicate anyone here? Did you see the faces? NOTE: I’m pointing out a wrong without exposing any identity. So how can u say I’m judging when I’m not pointing out an identity?

@Ugandan girl…lol…people keep saying that. It makes me wonder…if it’s a butt naked he to come as he is too?


@Lara…It was hard work I tell you.

@Bukky Apampa….I was oh! It was hard work but I was able to. The sermon was engaging enough to keep me from distraction.

@Strong self…very true! In fact we have a particular location where we sit that’s free of distractions. We just didn’t make it to that area this time.


@Sykik….Abi? Reminds me of a poem I wrote about scandalously dressed sisters trying to win souls for the Lord…

@Myne….hahahaha…I’m sure u’d get distracted if u were in this service!

imagine if it was a dude that dressed half naked maybe with top off in church. that would be major distraction.

None the less, it might have been the only cloth she had. nobody knows her story..

Afronuts said...

@Daughter of her King...true...though it doesn't make it right sha

Afronuts said...
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