The Unquenchable Wrath of Islamic Faithfuls

When Boko Haram began their idiotic bombing campaign, a lot of Muslims condemned the acts and Clerics voiced here and there that Islam was a peaceful religion and did not condone such violence. Many Islamic faithfuls even disassociated themselves from the beliefs of the sect.

Nigeria is a nation that had managed co-existence with different tribes and religions for some time but there have been hiccups of religious uprising at one time or the other. Still it seems some voices are clamoring for peaceful co-existence while others just want Islam to be the only religion for the nation.  
I used to have a close Muslim buddy way back.  We did a lot of things together and were close right from secondary school into the University. But at one time he began to get too radical as a Muslim and started supporting some very dangerous ideals that made me instantly distance myself from him; he was turning into the type that could butcher his best friend if need be in order that some fanatic Islamic ideals be enforced.
Nowadays I’m finding it hard to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion because of the world wide rampage that’s taking place across the world.

I’m not saying its right for some cretin to be bashing the religion but for goodness sake even Christianity has suffered all manner of abominable bashings, blasphemous pronouncements of all sorts yet there was no uprising, protest and burning or attack of people and buildings.


I was dumbfounded when I even heard the news that somewhere in Kano State Muslims were also protesting the Blasphemous movie that was produced to mock Islam in the US.
Seriously…was that all worth it?

I was listening to an Islamic Cleric on radio this morning, Alhaji Shettima Yerima who was expressing his disappointment with people who are giving the religion a bad name. One thing that he mentioned that caught my attention was the fact that Christians don’t go rampaging when such a thing happens to their own religion; he also stated that they need to leave the wrath to God. This is very true in the sense that  Muslims who go rampaging about some blasphemous production end up making it look like their God is helpless and requires humans to fight for him!

Christianity itself has suffered a lot with all manner of blasphemous movies that ridicule the Lord Jesus Christ, yet the only thing that follow are condemnations and bans from all quarters concerned. You won’t see a violent uprising take place as a result.

I came across an article on the site which attempts to answer the question:

                  Why is the Arab/Muslim world so easily offended?
 Modernity requires the willingness to be offended. And as anti-American violence across the Middle East and beyond shows, that willingness is something the Arab world, the heartland of Islam, still lacks.

Sounds plausible…but I just hope it’s not that bad because it seems this phenomenon also involves Nigerian Muslims in the north. Muslims in the south seem way more peaceful.

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sandra Luck said...

I wonder.
Christians don't go destroying and killing when the name of their GOD is blasphemed.
JESUS name is abused everyday, but christians don't say or do anything destructive.
GOD is ALL powerful and can fight for HIMSELF, for HE is a GOD of vengeance.
People in the north are simply illiterate and poverty stricken that they just join the bandwagon without reasoning!
As for the ediat that started this all saga, let him never know peace as he continues to run for his life!
Too much freedom of expression and speech caused all this!

Strong Self said...

Seriously, when I read the Nigerian Northern Muslims will also be protesting against the movie, I was just too surprised. I couldn't really see the reasons why some movie made by one junkie in the Western world should get people protesting here too, when the film maker in question does not even stay here. I just hope all these religious crises get stable soon.

Keep blogging, bro. And do check my blog out here;

Afronuts said...

@sandra...Good point! It seems that so-called coveted freedom of speech is subject to all manner of abuse.

@Strong Self...True...Northern Muslims need some serious lessons on tolerance and peace