Nude Photo of Man's Lover - A Hoax!

For some days now the nude photos of the Lady above has been circulating the internet and Blackberry phones as the outcome of a jealous lover pasting her pics all over the net after discovering that she was also having an affair with a colleague. There was also the claim that she was a married woman who works with some financial institution in Nigeria. Some even claim that she's a bank manager.

Many bloggers have latched onto the story and hyped it the more and all manner of unsavoury and condemning comments trailed the wake of these posts.

I didn't gawk it one bit. On this our inglorious internet, I have seen scandals and I have seen Scandals. This particular one I'm sorry to say, is a fake!

The lady in the picture goes by the name Cecilia Vordzorgbey. She's a Ghanaian, is single and doesn't work in a bank according to info she provided on this site called (Click the link to see her profile). The site is some sort of social networking platform where online dating could take place. Cecilia placed on her page that she was interested in dating and getting into a serious relationship. If you click on her picture album, you'll see an edited version of the above photo. Also her profile photo has her in an ankara fabric that she also posed nude in. Lastly, the photos were put up since 2010!                                  

Apparently, she must have gotten in touch with a potential date who she may have either trusted enough to send nude pictures or must have asked her to take them; a big mistake on her part. The culprit who posted her pictures about will no doubt be among the guys listed as her friends.

And so with this I say its a shame on bloggers who don't research their facts well before posting anything on the internet; and a shame to the moron who spread what should be private all out in the open. It's also a lesson to warn us to be careful about what we put out there on the internet.

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Anonymous said...

yes, it was disgraceful on all ramifications.
This should continue be a warning to women.
since 2010?..haba!

Afronuts said...

@smply mee...The funny thing is, no matter how much we warn people, someone will still do it again!

Ginger said...

A fool and his/her nude pictures/sex tapes are soon parted.
too many fingers have been burnt through social media for new victims to be falling..Seriously!
Say no to nude pix, sex tapes, Weiner shots etc
I would laff if it werent so sad.

Strong Self said...

This is so sad. Now, I don't have any confidence in the blog I first read this story on. I don't just know why some lazy bloggers, all in the name of getting sensational traffic to their blogs, go posting anything nude on them without making careful background-checks. Thank you Afronuts for clearing the air on this. Until now, I was all believing the other side of the story. It is this kind of thing that questions the genuineness of things posted on the internet. You really do not know what is true until you have read other sides of the same story.

Thank you for this.

OZilla said...

i saw a video of the sex she had with her lover. something like an amateur porn flick whereby the man handles the camera so u don't get to see his face!

Used PC said...

Nice blog Post !