When Nigerians Improvise [Photos]

I love my fellow Nigerians. They just never say never; no situation weighs them down, they always find a way round anything. That's why we had the evolution of bikes into Taxi's called Okada, that's why we've got people bringing market (street hawkers) to you on the streets when you don't have time to go to the market, that's why we have drinking water now cheaply available in nylon sachets...the list of how we manage to adapt, evolve things around us to survive is endless. Today's photos are a hilarious representation of our improvising spirit taken to the extreme.

Anything to hear that music!

Man must brush teeth no matter what!

Create your own fashion if you can'y afford it.

Improvised balance diet...Wharreva...sebi na food?

Security measures to ensure your roomates don't steal meat from  your pot of soup.

LOL!...These pics look like scenarios you find happening on Nigerian campuses.

All Pictures Courtesy www.twitter.com

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Toinlicious said...

lmao@ the polo shirt. Smh i trust my 9ja peeps. Hilarious

What is on the other slice of bread? i see noodles but the other one?

Zena said...

lol, Nigerians....Are humor no get second...

Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahaahaahahaaaaa....rolling on my laptop...oh 9jas! I hail thee! Man must survive o jare...ahahahahaha ...i think it is milo on the bread.

Myne Whitman said...

The first and last pictures are hilarious!

MsJB said...

You just gave me a nice laugh
Nigerians, mehn! God must have created us on a a special day :)

Thanks for visiting my blog


Afronuts said...

@Toinlicious...I no know oh. Its left to our imagination!

@Zena....very true oh! No wonder they say we're amongst the happiest people on earth.

@Myne...that's why I made them first and last!

@MsJB...Shey? Don't you just like our kind of humor?

Buahahhahahahahhahah... cant stop lol.. i had to send the link to a friend.. Pure jokes.......

Ginger said...

Wait o, that last picture is for reals!! lool. i thot it was a gag.

Bread, peanut butter and noodles. Mba!!

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