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Why do some people go about without undies?

This was the question raised on a radio program last night.  The show was meant to address why some women don’t wear undies and men don’t wear briefs or boxers nowadays. Callers called in to air their different views. In the long run, the idea of a man not wearing briefs was somehow seen as escapable since there’s no way anyone would know…unless the person is wearing a tight jeans or trousers which could give out the outline of a badly tucked ‘equipment’. One guy even narrated an experience which showcased the disadvantages of not wearing boxers or briefs. He had wanted to take a pee and in the process of getting it out to do the business, his ‘equipment’ got stuck in the zipper. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all!

The discussion later veered and focused more on the women. While some female callers explained that they’d usually not wear panties when wearing in some particular jeans or trousers that would not expose them, the question was still raised as to why some women still go ahead not to wear undies underneath skirts or gowns.

Amebo Clothes...No panties!

What is the motive or reason behind this?

A lot of possible reasons were raised:
  • ·         Some women don’t wear undies because they want to feel ‘freer’ underneath when going on night outings because they’re tired of wearing it all day and also feel nobody will notice it at night.
  • ·         Some women don’t wear it because they want to be ‘accessible’ to their date for that adventurous outing (that sounds like a very obvious reason!)  
  • ·         Some women don’t wear it because they want to use ‘the area’ to achieve something (like the story of the student that wore no underwear during an exam and sat at a vantage point before the Invigilator. So while she got him distracted by opening her legs underneath the desk, she was able to copy answers for the exam!)
  • ·         Some women don’t wear it because they want their backsides to look more attractive and show no panty lines.
  • ·         Some simply don’t wear it because they are at home. (This reason seems to make the most sense!)

Someone even mentioned on a site that with the nature of Nigeria’s weather, wearing undies all day can be uncomfortable…is that to say global warming is also affecting our women’s nether regions?
If you google this statement - ‘the evolution of the underwear’ you’ll get a display in the image section that truly says it like the one below:

Na global warming dey cause am?

While boxers and briefs don’t seem to have changed much through history, it seems women’s underwear is seriously disappearing.  It used to be knickers way back and gradually it got smaller. Then it gradually became a combination of ropes called thongs or G-strings. (I can’t fathom how comfortable women are in these things sef!).  My wife has a pair and I always laugh looking at it. I keep wondering how she manages to settle her big butt between those ropes. My amusement would probably be like this joke I saw on twitter:

A prostitute died of AIDS. Her grandma went to pack her things and saw her G-strings. 
She was shocked and said. ‘This AIDS bad oh! See as e chop her pant!’

Many Grandmas will never understand
that weird undergarment called  G-string.

So what’s the next evolving stage of the female underwear after the thong or G-string? Would it be just no underwear? From the current trending habit of not wearing panties, it seems we have reached that stage!
On info that I gathered around, I discovered that there are a lot of people who don’t see anything wrong with a woman not wearing panties.

Wow...have the female undies finished evolving and gone into extinction?

To make matters worse, we have revealing outfits which in the name of fashion and being sexy, end up doing ‘amebo’ to everybody that its wearer has nothing underneath.

Thank goodness there are still a lot of women out there helping to preserve the ‘underwear species’. The disappearance of the underwear is becoming somewhat scary, not to talk of the funny revealing outfits all over the place in the name of fashion.

Nowadays I get scared of passing in front of any lady in short skirt. I don’t want to end up accidentally seeing places where the sun don’t shine!

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'Lara said...

I was talking to a friend recently about how German women wear their pants with all the pant lines on display and how that is sacrilege in Nigeria. The women just do not care but in Naija we care about every random thing.

I see wear my full pant oh so I cannot talk for those who decide to go about naked.

Ginger said...

Which one concern you with women's underwear Oga Afronuts?

We wear bra some sects say make we no wear. We no wear pants like our grandmama una wan complain again?! let us be joo

Ugandan girl said...

lol.. 'places where the sun dont shine'...and on the prostitute grandmother.

I for one, i cant go out without underwear the only exception is when i have my pj's on otherwise i think i will let that ship of not wearing underwear in public sail..

simply mee said...

neither do i understand it O.
@home it is understandable but when going public,N-A-Y!

Afronuts said...

@Lara...You have a point there., why e no go concern me? I'm married to a woman nah...and do u know this thing will have a weird effect on men...

@Ugandan girl...abi? That public display no be the thing at all!

@Simply....Like I said...when a man gets to know due to a 'sitting accident' isn't that accidental sexual harrassment?

Afro, how did u get dat ist picture. U simply killed it, nice one .dat pics look tempting, pls tell them.

Sykik said...

lol... "places where the sun don't shine"....very funny.

Afronuts said...

@Alloy...Bros abeg oh! No be say I went paparazzing for woman wey no wear pant oh! This was an image borrowed from another site. no wan sound dirty when telling the truth!

conscience said...

Then women would complain that men don't respect them when they're doing all the disrespect themselves. Why have cases of rape & sexual harassment risen in recent times? Oh well big ups to all the classy ladies & real women out there.