Wunmi Adebayo’s Death – Who’s telling the truth?

The news was agog last week on the merciless killing of a 21 year old undergraduate, Wunmi Adebayo. All over the net and on tabloids, the news was vividly reported. However, there are anomalies springing up on the death of this young lady making me wonder if there’s some conspiracy brewing somewhere or this was just a case of bad reporting or journalism.

What really happened on the night Wunmi Adebayo was killed?

According to some tabloids, she was killed on Sunday 9th of September, by robbers on who invaded the house where she was staying the night with a male friend; she was shot when she refused to part with some jewelry that had been given to her by her mother. As of the 19th of September, PM news still referred to the same incident just as narrated in a recently posted article.

Then in a twist that made a mess of the whole thing, news again spreads across blogs and gist sites that Wunmi was actually murdered by the said friend who was actually a member of an armed robbery gang. Wunmi was said to have walked in on them while they were celebrating over the loot and recent operation . She had seen what she was never meant to see, thus they raped and silenced her.

Here we have two differing stories and I’m wondering, which is one to believe?

Is somebody hiding something? Or is there more to it that we don’t know about this girl’s murder?
Both stories seem to give all manner of details such that they seem like something that really happened. But what really happened?

Who’s telling the truth?

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'Lara said...

in all I see professionalism on the part of the Nigerian bloggers who never wait to verify anything before rushing to click the publish button.

Only the dead girl and her killers know the truth and hopefully this will come out with time.

besides I use a Nikon L810

simply mee said...

There is no smoke without fire..she was definitely murdered by an armed robber....but WHO IS THE ARMED ROBBER?

The truth will eventually come out someday.

One thing i believe is that, anybody that grew up in 9ja knows better than to argue with an armed robber...so all those talk about refusing to part with her mother's jewelry or resisting rape is not true!

My intuition lies more on the boyfriend theory...she was raped and shot point blank..shows 'anger!'...there was a surprise look on her 'death face'...her soul rest in peace, and as for the murderers, they shall never find peace!

Afronuts said...

@Lara...you shud see how the story of Banker's nude pictures was colored all over the net...nobody bothered to check its authenticity.

@Simply mee...Amen oh!