Microwaved Childhood

Have you noticed how rampant pedophilia crimes have escalated in the last few months? It’s rather a disturbing trend that calls for serious and drastic attention. Little kids as young as 3 to 4 years old are getting violated by far older and insane adults; it’s always almost part of what you hear in the news nowadays. I would probably have said it’s as a result of the nature of crap we see on TV today but from my critical observations, it’s more than that.

I also wouldn’t have written this article if it had happened in the United States or some other foreign country. Unfortunately, the rampant abuse of under-aged kids is happening right here in Nigeria! When something like this begins to happen I question the motive behind it. It seems as if it’s one of the latest diabolic means of getting rich through the instruction of some native doctor or babalawo. I mean, it’s not new when you hear of someone being told to go and have sex with a roaming lunatic on the streets so that a ritual exercise that will ensure wealth is fulfilled. It seems suspiciously so in a lot of cases.

But then there is the disturbing fact that a lot of parents are equally encouraging the despicable crime of pedophilia.

With all the nasty outfits out there that barely cover our women all in the name of fashion or trends plus all the societal vices we carelessly expose them to, the society should be prepared for the worst. I see the kind of body-baring fashion our little baby girls are being made to wear all in the name of following trends. When you couple this with some of today's filthy music and odd reality shows, you get an explosive combination. I like the way Atary puts it on an entry on her blog; she calls it the act of turning our kids into ‘miniature adults’. Bad enough that there are some evil individuals lurking about ready to attack on little innocent ones (they may even be within the family) but donning our kids in clothes that seem to enhance their little baby body parts is like passing Suya under the nose of a very hungry dog.

I was watched a documentary on the life of a particular abused 6 year old who as a result of her abuse was beginning to develop homicidal tendencies. This was a little girl who had masturbated and occasionally threatened to kill her younger brother…and made attempts to do it. She became homicidal due to the nature of the abuse she faced from her unknown parents (she lived with foster parents). Fortunately, she was rehabilitated and recovered with time.

My little 3 year old, Timi, during
a traditional fashion parade

Protecting our kids is a given but I believe parents also have the responsibility of championing what they expose their kids to. I’m careful what I let my little girl wear. She may be three years old but she has an intelligence that I refuse to underestimate. I take time to listen and study her. I may not be around her all the time but I’m ready to erase any bad things she might have picked up accidentally from any place.

Apart from some smart clothes which retain her childhood, her Mum and I have also gone to the extent of sewing a variety of Ankara outfits that make her look smart and traditional; I remember her liking one so much she was begging to be taken on an outing for the sake of wearing her outfit.

Children of today are being made to grow way too fast, no thanks to the pressures and evils of today’s society; it’s the duty of parents to slow things down so that they actually live out their childhood in full and not micro-waved.

God help us!

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'Lara said...

The rate of madness in our world nowadays is sickening, it is so sad what our generation is slowing turning into.

You daughter is beautiful and I like how you are instilling in her proper dress culture and values.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the increase of this pedophiles is also giving me cause for concern.
You have a point about what the media is dishing out to the public..many people abused KSB for speaking her mind on a musical video.
The fashion industry is not ruled out also...like Atary said.. dressing children as Miniature adults. As a mother, i have seen some designs that make me cringe...what happened to the peter-pan collar dresses? The old navy-dresses? The full cinderella ball-gown dresses?
LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN for goodness sake!
I also sewed ankara outfits for my children and the comments i do get is,what about jeans and tops? I ask what is wrong with these ones?
Our society is so diabolical that they turn everything to evil! An innocent child cannot play with 'uncle' again for fear of molestation. It is relations mothers should be more scared of! People that live with them. A time is coming relations will STOP living with married couples.
Timi is beautiful and i like the outfit...you are blessed afronuts :) greetings to mama Timi, she is doing a great job.

Toinlicious said...

Well said. I read Atary's post too. I'm pretty sure NIL has done a post on this too a while back. I never ever underestimate the intelligence of these kids o. Over sharp sef is worrying them

Afronuts said...

@Lara...Thanks Lara. I can only thank God for her; she's learning fast too.

@Simply Mee...My sister in fact, this your comment is already a blog entry oh! You're very right! I miss those pinafore and sailor outfits that kids wear in those days.
I soo agree with you...I'm not for relatives living or squatting with one.

sosexy said...

Hey dude! Watz up?! How has it been around here? Good?I'm back!

Afronuts said...

@sosexy...Good to have you back! Where u carry ur silly sef go for the past one year? Oya...start blogging!

Ginger said...

Your Timi is beautiful Afronuts!!

Well, the sexualisation of kids in todays world is just sad. Watching shows like Toddlers and Tiara I want to put a restraining order on the parents. but then its more about 'bad taste/judgement for me'. it takes a psycho to look at that unformed chubby innocence and want to defile it.

Afronuts said...

@Ginger...thanks. Really? There's a show called 'Toddlers and Tiara'? What's it about?

Ginger said...

Google and youtube are your friends. Its a beauty pageant for little kids but parents have almost forgotten. kids do botox, dress trampy, wear bikini's etc. crazy!

Toddlers and tiaras is about kids as young as 2-16 dressing sexy, fixingnails and dancing provocatively to win tiaras. It's repulsive; check it out on talc channel 172