The Lady That Rocks The Truth - Stella Damasus

You’ll never hear me say I’m a fan of some celebrity or well known personality. This is simply because I see them as human beings and not some deity that some obsessed fans unknowingly end up turning them into. Aside that, I do admire celebrities that are original, real and true to themselves; because I believe this is something that makes them stand out in their own unique and positive way.

For a long time, I’ve found it hard to really admire Nollywood stars simply because the only thing that one seemed to know them for was just gracing our screens with fabulous or mediocre performances for movies with awkward plots and cliché storylines.

So you can imagine how stunned I was when I came to discover that Stella Damasus actually writes; and that she features her write-ups in some newspapers, on-line magazines and journals. It wasn’t only the fact that she wrote that impressed me but the depth of her writings.

From my own experience and training as a writer, I know a writer’s nature from the way they write. My analysis of Stella Damasus’ writings revealed that she is a woman of depth; a thinker who took time to dissect the status quo and paint reality in its true color. This is something you don’t come across easily in Nollywood stars, at least from all I’ve come across so far.

After reading one of Stella’s articles where she critically analyzed the wanton deception and backwardness of red carpet events and of a particular movie premiere, my curiosity was ignited and I wanted to know more about this pretty actress and mother of two.

For somebody who writes like that, I was sure she’d have a blog.

I was right. She had one.

And just as I guessed, she had a recent update.

This says a lot about the writer in her; she always has the drive to write something. Also she had inspiring write-ups lined up on her blog. In her personal experiences she comes across openly and with simplicity. You get positively counseled or provoked into thinking by her articles.

I didn’t stop there. I went looking for her twitter page.

Most times when you come across the twitter pages of celebrities, you see titles, awards and achievements displayed on their profile but all you see on Stella’s twitter page is just her name, her twitter handle, the link to her blog, a few digits and the slogan ‘God Pikin’.  That’s a profile that’s plain humble and not screaming out for recognition.

All I found from my search was a humble, simple, honest and down to earth woman who did not let the fame get into her head and thwart her perspective to life.

In a society where values are being corrupted everyday on screen by so-called celebrities and there is scarcity of role models for our kids, I can whole heartedly say that Stella Damasus is a breath of fresh air. 

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Anonymous said...

I read the article also and i was very impressed. never knew she had a blog, thanks to you, i know now, and i am following it.
I am no celebrity fan but she cuts across to me like somebody simple and humble. So sad about her husband passing away...and so surprised only 85followers?..i am the no86...i am saying this because i came across another celebrity blog by chance and the number of followers were astonishing, and the content of her blog is not indepth like Stella, it was so superficial, not my thing.
tnx for sharing

Afronuts said...

@ simply mee...yeah. I never knew she had much depth until I read her articles. They are very thought provoking. If only other stars could do similar things, we'd have more true and decent role models in entertainment.

'Lara said...

I read her blog once and I found it really thought-provoking. I think it was the one written about orphanages in Nigeria. Stella is so beautiful inside-out.

Afronuts said...

@Lara...U said it and I agree!

Stella is one celebrity i truely admire..humility smells all over her.