Woman Delivers Strange Creature in Church - True or False?

Okay, I don't know what to make of this story that's going round presently.

The story follows an occurrence at World Liberation Ministry Church in Benin-City, Edo State where a  woman during a serious prayer session delivered the creature in the above photo which looks like a baby horse.

According to the news gathered, the General overseer, Evangelist Silva Wealth said that he got a revelation during the prayers that there was a woman with an issue of which something was blocking her womb. As the prayers intensified the woman began screaming and she delivered this strange creature.

Another version of the story which I heard on radio during a talk show yesterday evening was that the Pastor had told her she would deliver at that moment in the church; the woman went into labour and the Pastor told the men to stand back while women covered her with wrappers as she delivered.

From the nature of the photo, it looks quite believable; the creature still bears blood stains that may have come from the woman, the floor is equally stained with blood. I even found another picture of the creature taken from another angle. Well, I guess the fact that its not a major story is why there's not much to say about it.

While details are still quite sketchy, this is not the first time such strange occurrences have happened. Last month there was the story of Rasheedat Raimi who gave birth to a baby girl and a tortoise in Lagos. Then last year there was the story of an Ado-Ekiti woman who gave birth to a creature with bulging eyes, few strands of hair and no brain.

On the radio talk show I spoke about earlier, the hostess was talking about how impossible it was for a baby horse to survive or breed in a human according to research; it was gathered that the sperm of a horse could never survive in a human so the lady couldn't have been involved in beastiality.

This looks like nothing but a spiritual thing because I can't fathom what manner of explanation science would give to such phenomenon; its like something straight out of a nollywood horror flick.

I just hope this is not another prank where someone shot the picture of the dead still-born of a goat and faked the news....

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jhazmyn said...

Hubby showed me this picture a few days back, and my response was exactly what you said in closing "abeg, this is a dead kid (as in baby goat) jo, probably a delivery gone bad".

I honestly dont believe it sha, but that's just me

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts, though as a Christian it still looks 'unbelievable!
Why was the woman pic not taken?
The pastor and church nko?
If i know our so-called men of GOD very well, this is a golden opportunity to popularize their church!
The name of the pastor and the church sounds 'some-how'
The story contradict each other...something was blocking her womb..then got a revelation she will give birth...which should will believe?????
Deliver a horse? I know the woman's virginal walls do expand during delivery, but not something as big as that...no be kpeme be that??
This could be photoshop...but i do believe some women have delivered weird objects in the past due to 'evil hands' at play.. but this???....I DON'T BELIEVE IT!

Afronuts said...

@jhazmyn & Simply Mee...lol...I find it hard to believe too. I also questioned why there was no picture of the Pastor and of the church. I even googled it and got nothing!

Ginger said...

Simply Mee you took the questions from my mouth. Why was the woman's pic not taken?
you mean nobody in that touch had a phone to video or take pictures of this most remarkable event?
Abeg!! next story..

Anonymous said...

That's likely a goat fetus, not a baby horse. Note it has cloven hooves (like a cow) but only two teats.