When School is in...and the Fees are Killing!

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As I approached the gate that led to the estate where my office was situated, I noticed a small hold-up was already building. Initially it looked unusual then it suddenly occurred to me that the hold-up was caused by one of those expensive private schools where all the children had to be dropped by drivers in their different rides. In all my lifetime of going to and fro from the office, I have never for once met any kid from that school going home on barefoot or catching a commercial bus home from school; definitely a school for well-to-do families. 

I laughed as I had a flashback of my own childhood days when I always had to go home from school with my five siblings…and we had to always board those notorious vehicles known as Molue buses. I always hated going to school because of the thought of how I was going to cruise those smelly monstrous molue buses. Life wasn’t a bed of roses.

Then the fact also hit me that schools had started resuming.

I suddenly remembered the challenges I was having with the expensive private school my daughter, Timi, was attending. The fees were breaking my neck and we were struggling to meet up.  Eventually when we did a review of expenses and debts incurred after a session ended in the school and I was not smiling at all!

Thus the decision to change my baby girl’s school came up.

Wifey did not dig the idea at first but on seeing the extent of damage the fees would do to us, she grudgingly agreed. She’ll be starting at another private school which is cheaper and still good…I don’t care what anybody says…our decision is final!

It was not easy making this decision but thank God for an article I read on Simply Mee’s blog which did a proper breakdown on this phenomenon that many parents go through. If you’re a parent with a kid that’s in an expensive school I’ll highly recommend you read this post; its wrought with truth and food for thought on an issue that’s affecting many homes and putting a strain on marriages.

So check it out on Simply Mee’s blog…it’s worth the read!  

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'Lara said...

I remember school days, I miss it.

I think most of the private schools in Nigeria charge ridiculous amount of money all in the name of fees when the quality is all the same.

I love your decision jare, it is as good as the other one, go ahead and change the school.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow! thank you oga afronut for this shout out, much appreciated.
I am happy my article touched a chord in you, and that madam agreed with you.
Well, i spoke from my 11years parenting experience, of 4 boisterous and hyperactive kids.
Imagine multiply x amount by 4,..e no easy ooo, esp as nah oga dey foot the bill.
oh yes! i remember the molue and danfo runs...in my secondary schoo days, my primary school was school bus runs...my parents will drop us off in the morning on their way to work, but we would find our way home...i lose weight by force by fire ooo..ahahahaha,
thank you once more.

Afronuts said...

@Lara...thanks oh! Its refreshing to see that another woman thinks its a good idea.

@Simply Mee...11 years no be small thing oh! With 4 juggernauts, you are already a small institution of experience. Your article came in the knick of time. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much :)

jhazmyn said...

Hahaha, I can so relate, almost changed my daughters scool at first when i saw the bill (she's moving to a new class), but after sitting with the head teacher and getting some favourable explanations, she gets to stay back there. turns out some things were not neccessary and some other were one off payments so, I could breath easire..

Off to read Simply mee's post

Afronuts said...

@Jhazmyn...lol, I wemt through the exact same thing in my girl's school, trying to trim off the excess payment. But when they made to increase the fees I had to call it quits!
Her new school is better. Even if they increase, we can still survive.

the children are cute..lol

Muyiwa said...

I'm sorry but why would you link us to a blog that requires that we must have an invitation before we can read the content?

Afronuts said...

@Muyiwa...The site did not require you to be invited when this post was written last year september.

The development was very recent.

Muyiwa said...

I figured. I'm sorry I overreacted, I was just so expectant for some good info