Movie: Mr & Mrs - When Marriage Goes Wrong

I’ve always noticed that the movie industry has a way of trending on certain themes from time to time. This is something that happens both in foreign movies as well as Nigerian movies. Currently it seems the superhero/superhuman theme is what is currently trending in Hollywood with the release of movies that border on superhero figures we once knew as comic characters in our childhood days.

I’m not sure what’s trending in Bollywood for now since I’m not an avid watcher of Bollywood movies. My wife would probably have an idea what’s trending; that woman watches Indian movies like she breathes air.
As for Nollywood its becoming apparent that movies that focus on marriage is the growing trend now. It’s as if there’s a wave to explore the theme sweeping across the Nigerian movie landscape with movies like ‘Two brides and a baby’, ‘Married But Living Single’, ‘Single and Married’…the list goes on.

Mr & Mrs Abah

While I’ve not gotten to watch some of these movies, I happen to come across one titled ‘Mr & Mrs’ which was actually impressive in terms of content, production, storyline and plot. The producers of this movie showcased a level of professionalism that Nollywood  used to lack in the past.

The story is about a married couple, Kenneth (Joseph Benjamin) and Susan Abah (Nse Ikpe Etim) who are also blessed with kids (though throughout the movie, we don’t get to see the kids).  Ken comes from a wealthy and successful family while Susan comes from a family with a struggling background. Despite her being a law graduate, Ken keeps her at home as a housewife. Susan cooks good food for him, takes good care of the home, is totally submissive yet her husband, Ken, takes her for granted and disregards her; she’s like a slave in her own home – he bickers about her cooking at times, is more concerned about his welfare and satisfaction and treats her with disdain. The toll of being kept at home and not allowed to leave the house plus the way Ken treats her takes its toll on Susan making her look haggard.

Susan confronts Ken's lover

Eventually when Ken begins to cheat on Susan, she loses it and in her anger he offers her a divorce. But it’s not easy as Ken’s father (Babajide Bolarinwa), who’s a politician is about campaigning for upcoming elections and a scandal on the family is the last things needed. An agreement that would require the couple to still be living together masquerading as a couple though divorced was reached. The plan was that the divorce would be made public and they could eventually separate after the elections.

Linda & Charles 

Linda, Susan’s friend (Thelma Okodua), has it differently with her own family. She’s a career woman who practically has no time for her children (whom we don’t get to see also) and Charles, her husband (Paul Apel). She has a maid that helps see to all that. Everything seems perfect until she discovers that all is not as it really seems.

Ken eavesdrop on Susan after the separation

The story which delves between the two couples carries a weight of suspense as you are made to wonder what actually would become of Susan and her kids but in a beautiful twist Ken would eventually be humbled. The circumstance of Linda and Charles was however predictable and inevitable. The movie is very realistic in portraying a situation that’s prevalent in many homes. Its storyline is didactic and we find some scriptural reference being quoted from time to time and quite appropriately.

The movie had its sad moments where you felt the depth of Susan’s sadness and neglect by her husband. There are also hilarious moments like the instance when Ken becomes jealous after discovering that a dildo has taken his place, and the time when he’s pissed at the meal cooked for him by a maid after Susan stops cooking for him.

Ken can't stand competition with a dildo

The picture quality is good though there were few glitches in camera focus which when zoomed in on a subject seemed to blur too often. This is one movie that everywoman would love to watch. The characters are real and convincing; Nse Ikpe Etim was amazing in her performance as Susan. Joseph Benjamin was as cold hearted and abusive as ever as the self-centered Ken. Barbara Sokey was good in her portrayal as Ken’s Mum.

Missing Susan's cooking

I also couldn’t help but notice that there were no useless and unnecessary prolonged scenes in the movie which is a plus as Nollywood is notorious for prolonged scenes that aim to eat into movie time. I also noticed that unnecessary ‘waka-pass’ was avoided.
Most of the movie was shot indoors and we never got to see the kids. The producers seemed to have cleverly avoided showing them for some reason, maybe funding. Production may have been on a controlled budget and still managed to make an interesting though not too fantastic film.

Irrespective of the stereotyping, the movie leaves valid and true lessons for all, the most poignant being the one that you do not know the value of something until you lose it.

If you ain’t seen this movie, check it out, it’s worth the watch!

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'Lara said...

I watched the movie once and I love it..Nse is such a good actress. Linda's story was predictable and move like every nollywood story has something to say about Oga and the househelp.

oooo niceee...

i like how u have reviewed the movie and the use of pics.

You write very well and articulate too. Your english must be ghen

I think the reason why movies on marriages are becoming more popular is cos this its season. it seems to me marriage is rampant this, they are keeping up with the

this u

thanks for sharing.

Ginger said...

Will def look out for this one....when i finally sit down for more than 3 hrs.

Your wife has discerning taste for loving Bollywood movies. They are cool :p!!

Sykik said...

A quick question please, is this movie in a DVD or airing at the cinema.
thank you.

Ugandan girl said...


Afronuts said...

@Lara...You got that right!

@Daughter of her King...Why thank you're making my head swell!, I agree...its just that they are usually longer than other movies and my patience can be limited

@Sykik...Its available in VCD and DVD. Check up with any store that sells nollywood movies.

@Uganda girl...yeah...nollywood!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest review.
It is a must watch for me.
Though bollywood is more my thing, like your wife...ahahaha.
Babara sokey?! she is a veteran actress.

Afronuts said...

@Simply seems Bollywood is a Naija woman's world afterall!

Anonymous said...

Yeah susan was de amazing woman in de movie and I love it cos it's teach men on how to treat dere woman or wife wit passion and true love and caring.more de story is all about de voiture woman susan abah which is true life story in Amatha in lesotho and also in

Harry Itie said...

Just saw it. Totally LOVED IT

So inlove with this movie can'τ stop watching it bt I need to get all †ђξ song sang in it. Dnt jux knw hw to get em'!

Anonymous said...

I can't just stop watching it-dat is real love